Heatcraft Refrigeration Products

The Remote Refrigeration Control features:
An easily understood operating platform
Available through any internet connection
E-mail and text alarms
The ability to manage multiple locations via one account
Live data tracking with up to 300 data points per Beacon II

Heatcraft knows that not every job is alike, but optimum efficiency and performance is a must for commercial refrigeration equipment. Foodservice operations need refrigeration solutions that deliver dependable, energy efficient performance, day in and day out. For these reasons, Heatcraft has developed a ½ - 6 HP condensing unit offering that incorporates highly efficient scroll compressors. When paired with a Heatcraft variable speed fan motor with the Orbus Controller, Microchannel coils, and factory installed Smart Defrost Kit (SDK), end-users can see a pay back within 2 years!

When science, safety and security are on the line, we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s cooling data centers filled with crucial information, storing biomedical supplies or providing cold storage to large warehouses and distribution centers, our products offer precise temperature control for critical industry applications.

Because technological environments are highly complex and variable—with no room for error--many of our Industry products are custom-designed. A brand distinguished for design innovation, Larkin offers high-performance refrigeration products such as evaporators and fluid coolers designed to monitor and control environmental conditions from a single location—on- or off-site. Larkin also delivers unconventional solutions backed by reliable support, while providing substantial operational and energy savings.

From fresh-cut flowers and delectable deli foods to an array of frozen convenience items, we know your customers’ satisfaction depends on quality, freshness and presentation. Whether your business is an express store, small grocery or bustling supermarket, our global retail segment is always ready with a solution. Our Kysor/Warren, Bohn and Climate Control brands offer an unmatched selection of precisely engineered refrigerated merchandise display cases, refrigeration systems and components for the commercial retail industry.

We work closely with our customers to develop technologies aimed at efficiently reducing noise levels and energy costs. Our life cycle climate performance (LCCP) technology results in significant motor energy savings and a reduction in overall rack energy consumption. We also provide sustainable options to help our customers become better environmental stewards. This includes refrigerant-conserving products, a CO2-based refrigeration system and an efficient hot-gas defrost system that recycles condensing unit waste.

Crisp and tender greens. Juicy, flavorful fruit. Fresh-tasting seafood. At Heatcraft Refrigeration Products, we know food quality is your bottom line. As a leading provider of refrigeration equipment serving the food-service and retail segments, we offer highly dependable, quiet-operating cooling systems with precise climate-control capabilities to help preserve your stock of perishables and keep your profits healthy.

Bohn and Climate Control offer cold-food storage solutions for the food-service industry. The product lineup includes condensing units, evaporators, packaged refrigeration systems, and a variety of energy-saving controls and monitoring solutions. Each is designed to push the limits of innovation to the highest possible degree, while also significantly lowering your operating costs and reducing your overall environmental impact.


The name behind the names you trust. A subsidiary of Lennox International, Heatcraft Refrigeration Products provides climate-control solutions for commercial and industrial applications in more than 70 countries. We manufacture evaporators, condensers and other refrigeration products through five market-leading brands, including Bohn, Larkin, Climate Control, Chandler and Interlink. We provide the expertise needed to precisely engineer systems to meet the demands of the most rigorous operating environments. We have met these challenges with an unrivaled combination of product innovation, technical expertise and service excellence.

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