We offer the following flooring options:

  • Pre-fabricated floors, rated for foot traffic
  • NSF approved floors include NSF cove formed and foamed in place in the floor panel
  • Wear surface includes .080”smooth aluminum or .080” low profile aluminum diamond tread
  • Reinforced floor panels available with 1/2” plywood underlayment to support hand trucks and 3/4” plywood for manual pallet jacks
  • Insulated concrete floors (by a qualified contractor) are recommended for freezers with traffic loads exceeding 950 pounds per square foot – Artic Temp can provide the vapor barrier, insulation, thermal breaks and insulation

Drop-In Floors

Wanting to convert a cooler to a freezer, replace a failing existing prefabricated floor, or just insulate the floor area for improved efficiencies? We can replace or add a prefabricated panel floor to an existing chamber without dissembling it.



Artic Temp manufactures quality walk-in coolers and freezers in three factories strategically located from Coast to Coast – Portland OR, Prague OK, and Salisbury NC. As a custom manufacturer, Artic prides itself on providing the exact size walk-in to fit your needs, and using standard size panels whenever possible to keep your cost down. This results in custom walk-ins at a very competitive price while staying in compliance with the Energy Independence Security Act (EISA). Artic Temp Walk-in Coolers and Freezers are fiercely cold and made to last.

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