Standard Door

Our original door's unique pliable construction flexes to absorb impact. The Standard door has indeed become “the standard” for all traffic doors. Innovative construction with rubber I-beams bonded to flexible vinyl facings ensures flexibility at impact and the “memory” to return to its original shape. Rubber I-beam extrusions, steel spine and aluminum mount assembly add strength at the door’s perimeters and prevent breakdown at the hinge and bearing areas. 

The Standard is ideal for any doorway that faces frequent motorized traffic, but is also light and responsive enough for carts and walk-through personnel. Flexible foam insulation, double-loop nosing and blade air seals resist heat, dust and sound transfer.

With clean aesthetics and well-engineered details, the Standard can also be installed in retail applications with confidence. Specify the Standard anywhere high volume, punishing traffic necessitates a premium impact door.


Standard Features: 
Flexible rubber sub-frame
Fabric-reinforced vinyl facings in many colors
Heavy-duty V-Cam hinges
Full thickness 113/16” (46mm) insulated construction
Full height mount assembly
Up to 10’ (3048mm) wide by 12’(3658mm) high

Family owned and operated since 1952, RubbAir Door has provided users with quality double acting impact traffic doors that have given years of exceptional durability, reliability, and economy. This trouble free performance over four decades, in virtually every industrial and commercial environment, has made each model of RubbAir doors the standard in quality, workmanship, value and performance. With double acting, shock absorbing traffic doors of exceptional durability, reliability, and economy. With their built-to-last patented construction, low maintenance, bump-open/self-closing operation, and easy clean-ability. RubbAir Doors offer unsurpassed value.

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