Rutter’s Farm Stores Upgrades with Energy-Efficient Anthony® Infinity 090 Cooler/Freezer Doors

When Rutter’s Farm Stores remodeled and upgraded its flagship convenience-store/retail-petroleum location in York, PA, it selected Anthony® Infinity 090 Cooler and Freezer Doors as the inviting and energy-efficient solution for a major profit center of the store. Featuring infinity-edge construction, tight seal magnetic gaskets and heat reflective glass, the Anthony Infinity 090 doors equipped with the Anthony Optimax Pro 24 LED Lighting solution resulted in a 57% energy efficiency improvement for cooler doors and 24% energy savings on freezer doors. The Anthony Infinity 090 doors also provided a significantly brighter, inviting, modern store look and enhanced product visibility for improved merchandising. For more, please go to

The Anthony story began with two enterprising young men who were in the right place, at the right time, with the right product. The continued success of the company, however, has been based on a combination of hard work, excellent employees, good business sense, innovative ideas, and the ability to meet the demands of the marketplace. Anthony's quality products and excellent after-sale service are what later established it as the world's largest manufacturer of glass doors and display equipment.

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