Horizontal Sliding Doors

When you need to move big loads in a hurry, R-Plus horizontal sliding doors can manage the traffic. Our door sizes easily handle lift truck and pallet jack traffic, while staying usable for walk-in traffic, and both single and double door style can be motorized or manual.
Manual double doors are easily parted in any order to allow personnel pass-through and motorized single doors can be fitted with a personnel door that helps maintain environment integrity by exposing a smaller interior area to air infiltration.

Standard Features: 
High-speed parting action to minimize environmental exposure
Every size is available up to 12 feet by 12 feet, and that can be enlarged using multiple cam-locked sections
Thermal isolation is maintained through foamed-in-place polyurethane
neoprene bulb-type seals
Heavy-duty tracks, rollers, and hanger bar are available

R-Plus Cold Storage Doors are built with a design that balances durability economy and appearance. The ultimate insulated cold storage door is perfect for cold storage walk-ins, warehouses, processing plants and distribution facilities. You can depend on R-Plus for a quality design that guarantees ease of installation and years of trouble free operation. Panels are foamed in place poly- urethane for the highest insulating values in the industry. Rigidized panels insure optimal strength and good looks. R-Plus Doors are engineered for value, quality, efficiency and performance. The product line includes Swing Doors, Single Sliding Doors, Bi-Part Sliding Doors, Standard or High-Lift Doors and Full Lift Doors. Available in different metal finishes and a host of options, R-Plus Doors are highly customized and built to almost any specification.

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